product Details

  • The Pro Tectic frame lock features a 8.5mm steel shackle.
  • With an extra wide aperture - 6.3cm wide and 10.8cm height clearance from shackle to top of lock body - the 4960 will accommodate a variety of tire/wheel sizes.
  • The case, 8.5mm shackle, and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are all made of special temper hardened steel
  • The locking mechanism is in the lock body for an easy connection to the optional accessory chains and cables.
  • The 4960 can be mounted to the bike using either the cantilever brake mount option with bolts holes or specific frame lock mount.
  • A spannband LH adapter (56240 2) for bikes without screw/bolt holes is available separately
  • 2 keys are supplied with the lock
  • Weight: 770 g