product Details

  • E-Shift Groupset Cleaner is another industry first from Finish Line: a degreaser designed specifically for use with electronic groupsets.
  • Electronic shifting is the next evolution in bicycle drivetrains and presents unique challenges with regards to maintenance.
  • Due to sensitive components, electronics, and wires, safely cleaning and degreasing components is more important than ever.
  • Thanks to its unique formulation, E-Shift Groupset Cleaner can quickly and safely remove grit, grime, and moisture from any electronic groupset.
  • With E-Shift there is no need to worry about damaging wires or derailleurs.
  • Due to its state of the art formulation, E-Shift quickly evaporates without leaving a residue behind, which means there is no need for water rinsing.
  • Parts are left completely clean and dry in minutes.
  • E-Shift Groupset Cleaner protects your groupset investment, prevents premature wear, and keeps it running at peak performance.