product Details

  • Engineered for unparalleled drivetrain performance, durability, and water-resistance.
  • HALO WET is powered by three elite grade ingredients: Gas-To-Liquid, Spherical Tungsten and Ceramic Particles.
  • GAS-TO-LIQUID - is a hydrodynamic fluid film helps minimizes drivetrain noise, dramatically reduces friction, repels water, and maintains viscosity in extreme temperatures.
  • SPHERICAL TUNGSTEN - features a proprietary hollow core to reduce vibrational friction caused by high-torque pedaling.
  • CERAMIC PARTICLES - micron-sized boron nitride platelets cover the chain to form a protective, non-stick coating.
  • This coating substantially reduces wear and helps extend the life of expensive drivetrain components.
  • Includes the Finish Line Smart Luber which delivers fast and efficient chain lubrication.