product Details

  • Proprietary Headlight Mounting Bracket for TSL lights, fits up to 35mm bar circumference
  • Fits: TSL-100,TSL-150,TSL-150+,TSL-200,TSL-250,TSL-250+
  • Fits: TSL-500,TSL-500+,TSL-1000,TSL-1500,TSL-350,TSL-550
  • Fits: TSL-750,TSL-T1000,TSL-LT1000,TSL-1200,TSL-1800,TSL-2500
  • Fits: USL-155,USL-305,USL-505
  • Improper installation resulting in over tightening will cause premature micro-tearing, excessive stress and wear, damage, and/or breakage of the rubber strap.
  • It is advised prolonged exposure to sunlight and adverse temperatures over time can negatively impact the life of the rubber strap.
  • It is recommended to remove both light and mount when not in use to be stored indoors.